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JU organizes inspiring talk on 'Positive Thinking and Teamwork'

JAMMU: University of Jammu organized a virtual lecture on ‘Positive Thinking and Teamwork' by the holy mother Pravrajika Divyanandaprana ji, Monastic Member of Sri Sarada Math currently stationed at Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, New Delhi.

PravrajikaDivyanandaprana, presently based at Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, New Delhi.

She has been principal of Nivedita Vidya Mandir School and is currently editor of Samvit.In addition to studying the Ramakrishna - Vivekananda literature she has extensively studied the Yoga - Vedanta texts, and also the Brahma Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.

She has a unique combination of knowledge in the conventional sciences, and traditional Yogic and Vedantic texts.PravrajikaDivyanandaprana in her talk stressed on the need of positive thinking which is a universal remedy to all negativity, stress, materialism anxiety.

She emphasized that what we imagine in our mind we experience after sometime, therefore three things are important: Thought, Feelings and Imagination. If our goals occupy our mind then negativity does not find space in our mind.

She sensitized that even in these pandemic times instead of looking towards negative thoughts we should look for positivity.Life is ten percent that happens to us and ninety percent that we react to it.Whatever manifests in our conscious mind, also it comes to our subconscious mind.Yoga and meditation are the ways forward for creating a holistic positive energy in our lives. It helps to channelize energy and helps to control the negative thoughts.

She quoted Swami Vivekanandaji who said, " You have to lift Yourself by Yourself." She stressed that Common goals and practising positive thinking is important for teamwork and collaborations. Creating a positive team work environment is the mantra for progress and self -contentment. The talk was followed by the interactive session with the speaker which was really very energizing and full of meaningful discussion and motivation.

Prof.Manoj K Dhar, Vice Chancellor was the Chief Guest of the webinar.In his concluding remarks he termed the talk given byPravrajikaDivyanandaprana ji as the major accomplishment of the Department of Students Welfare during the Covid19 days.

He commented that speaker had very nicely amalgamated two things Positive thinking and teamwork and enlightened us on these values. He said that positive thinking is an emotional and mental attitude about anticipating happiness, health and success.

The Vice Chancellor stressed that organizing such type of events on mental wellbeing of the students, scholars and employees of JUin these difficult times of Covid Pandemic is important at present times as lives have drastically changed due to the stay-at-home life and the fear of the unseen virus.Prof.Sanjana Kaul Introduced the revered speaker moderated the interaction in which a series of questions, clarifications, queries and the path ahead were discussed.

Ninette Sharma was the special guest on the occasion.The Remarkable serenewebinar was attended by Prof. Rajni Dhingra DRS, Prof. Naresh Padha DAA, Prof. Neetu Andotra Registrar, Prof. Arvind Jasrotia DCD, Senior faculty members, teachers, officers, staff, students, scholars of JU, CLUJ, CUJ, members of civil society and participants from outside J&K UT.

Prof. Jasbir Singh, Dean Students Welfare presented the welcome address and especially thanked PravrajikaDivyanandaprana ji for sparing her valuable time for all the stakeholders of University of Jammu and enlightening the participants.

The session was live-streamed for a larger audience on social media channels of the Department of Students Welfare, University of Jammu @DSW Events, JU& Facebook Live @DSW JU.

The event was organized under the supervision of Prof. Jasbir Singh, Dean Students Welfare and Prof. Anupama Vohra, Chairperson Campus Cultural Committee and monitored by Prof. Samridhi Arora, Co-Chairperson, Campus Cultural Committee, Prof. B.K. Bajaj, Associate Dean SW, Dr. Garima Gupta and Dr. Pritam Singh, Assistant Deans, SW.

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