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SMGS Jammu delivers 10,927 babies since February amid Covid-19

Coronavirus pandemic has created a scary world around us but especially for pregnant ladies, a host of worries added up during these unsettling times. On one hand, primetime cacophony never stopped about the ever-rising death toll which added an extra layer of stress for everyone but on the hopeful side, a greater number of babies were born that somehow made this ghastly situation a little less hopeless.

Pregnant women went through weeks of isolation with their moods swinging from heightened anxiety to state of bliss. Unfortunately, the first-time mothers had to experience unfathomable level of stress and worry while navigating through their pregnancies amid Covid-19. With no vaccine on the horizon, it is an unnerving experience for expectant moms as we are still not quite sure about the nature of this virus. And with very little information on long-term impact of coronavirus on new-born babies if they catch it during pregnancy complicates it further.

Conflicted with constantly evolving guidelines, doctors and pregnant women had to be extra-cautious for bringing a healthy child into this world.

Jammu Links News in this inside report found that around 10,927 babies were delivered at SMGS (Sri Maharaja Gulab Singh) Hospital Jammu from February till August end. Out of which, around 6,133 women had normal deliveries whereas the remaining 4,794 deliveries were Caesarean sections.

Apart from this, the hospital staff also handled 67 asymptomatic patients. Two of the pregnant women has miscarriages while 63 delivered normal babies. Whereas, the remaining two patients had surgeries unrelated to birth.

The inside source told Jammu Links News that healthcare professionals performed their jobs with utmost dedication and by following all necessary precautions like wearing PPE kit, masks, gloves etc. To keep a check on coronavirus affected patients, a 24-hour screening section has also been set up inside the hospital for rapid testing of patients frequenting the place.

Providing safe and efficient maternity services even during such challenging and traumatic times was difficult but healthcare professionals took all safety measures to minimise risks and make birthing safe for all mothers.

It was also told that a special COVID-ward has been set up at SMGS Jammu which has around 17 beds with 4 Intensive care units (ICUs) that allow doctors to accommodate asymptomatic cases.

Not only patients but doctors are also at higher risk of coming in contact with an affected patient and as per the source, around 16 doctors tested positive for COVID-19 during these 6 months and chose to self-isolate. Out of which, around 6 doctors have joined back after complete recovery.

The prevailing situation is equally difficult for doctors and patients because of the panic and struggle. Each case has to be tackled independently and differently so that the expectant moms and babies stay safe even after delivery. For ensuring safe deliveries, doctors at SMGS Jammu adhered to the guidelines provided by the administration and made birthing a safe and joyous experience for 10,927 pregnant women.


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Hardeep Bali