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National Nutritional week: GDC Kalakote holds awareness events

KALAKOTE: Department of Physical Education & Sports, Government Degree College, Kalakote under the guidance of Principal Dr Romesh Kumar Gupta, held series of awareness activities to mark the National Nutrition Week (September 1 to September 7).

During the week various events centering around the nutrition and the effects of good food on healthy body, mind and lifestyle were held.

The aim of the program was to educate people with regard to the importance and necessity of good nutrition in diets.

The last day witnessed a lecture by Dr Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Physical Director, on "Nutritional interventions for healthy Immune System." Dr Dinesh said that for a healthy immune system it is prerequisite that all the cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body are at optimum state of wellness independently and are also functioning well in communication with other organs of the body.

He cautioned that a small disturbance in digestive system is the root cause of all the ailments, so suggested to keep digestive system always healthy. He further reiterated the guidelines issued by ministry of AYUSH, GOI for optimising immune system and safeguarding against Covid-19.

He suggested eating steamed vegetables and use of raw garlic, dry ginger, cinnamon, Clove, red-pepper, Aijwan, Turmeric in cooking vegetables as these increase nutritive value of the food unimaginably. Drinking Apple, beetroot and carrot juice (ABC Drink) can be a life giving and a single solution for everything.

During one hour long lecture Dr Dinesh shared many interesting facts about Nutrition and its method of consuming to elevate immune system.

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