US threat on TikTok is sheer gangster logic and daylight robbery: China

BEIJING: The US threatening to force a sellout within 45 days or ban TikTok is 'sheer gangster logic and 'daylight robbery', said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Wednesday on Wednesday.

"Without producing any solid evidence, the US administration is taking actions against TikTok based on the presumption of guilt, and threatening to force a sellout within 45 days or simply ban it. The "deal" is sheer gangster logic and daylight robbery," Hua tweeted.

Hua further said, "The moves are utterly disgraceful. The whole US govt is ganging up like tigers preying on a rabbit. Also with fabricated allegations, it's hunting down Huawei around the world. It pursues a digital gunboat policy, a clean network and turns the Internet into a self-serving US-net."

On August 7, Donald Trump signed executive orders halting all transactions with Chinese applications TikTok and WeChat within 45 days, citing national security concerns.

Citing Huawei's example, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo earlier had stated that the US has stopped recognising the Chinese tech giant as an "innocent telecommunications company" and has called it a "national security threat," while adding that Washington has taken appropriate action in this regard.

"We know now that trading with China is not like trading with a normal and law-abiding nation.

Beijing treats international agreements as suggestions, as conduits for global dominance. Doing business with a CCP-backed company is not the same as doing business with, say, a Canadian company. They do not answer to independent boards or pursue profit," he added.


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