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Govt advises people to embrace New Normal to help ensure safe shopping experience

NEW DELHI: Government has advised the people to embrace the New Normal to help ensure a safe shopping experience for everyone during these times of COVID19 Pandemic.

In a tweet regarding COVID appropriate behavior, people have been advised to wear a mask or face cover and maintain physical distance while stepping out of their homes to shop.

The New Normal when stepping out for buying essential items include carrying alcohol based sanitisers and avoiding touching the face. If possible, only one person should step out of the house to do the grocery shopping and keeping a ready list of items to buy will be helpful. Everyone should carry their own cloth shopping bag and limit the surfaces that they touch.

Using cellphone and other devices should be avoided to protect from possible contamination. People should buy wisely and not hoard. Physical distance must be maintained at all times and one must be patient while waiting their turn at the store. If possible, a no contact method for payment should be used.

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