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United Schools Organisation Concerned about Fee Collection in Schools

JAMMU: United Schools Organisation (USO )an amalgam of various private schools associations conducted a meeting today to discuss the far reaching consequences of non-payment of fees in the schools.

The organisation had a threadbare discussion on this vital issue wherein the members of the group expressed that there are certain unscrupulous elements in the society who are trying to malign the image of the schools by inciting the parents and compelling them not to pay fee in schools.This has led to a crisis which could ultimately affect the financial viability of the institutions putting the future of lakhs of students and thousands of teachers at stake.

The organisation through a resolution appealed to the parents, not to listen to such elements and be misled into not depositing fee in the schools which has been allowed by the government through its various orders.

The organisation has also requested the parents to kindly approach their concerned school if they have any genuine problem with the payment of fee and the school management will surely look into the problems in a sympathetic manner and try to amicably resolve the issues.

The united schools organisation also criticised the way in which social media is being used in promoting misleading and malicious campaign against private schools which are the backbone of the education system in the Jammu region and is responsible for providing high quality education to students.

The schools have been conducting online classes throughout the pandemic period and have ensured that the learning activities of the students are not hampered and delayed.

The organisation also passed a resolution to write to the school education department to kindly issue clear directions regarding the cut off dates for the payment of fee by the parents failing which the United Schools Organisation shall be constrained to determine its own timeline for collection of fees.

The meeting was attending by Kamal Gupta, Rameshwar Manhas, Adit Gupta, Arvind Mahajan, Deepak Handa, Harpreet Anand, Vishal Gupta, Dr. Hari DuttShishu, Rameshwar Mengi, Gambhir Charak, Ajay Gupta, Balkaran Singh, Sanjeet Kumar and Ajay Singh.


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