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Entrepreneurship Development Cell-SMVDU Conducted Webinar Session

KATRA: A webinar session on 'Starting up in Tough Times' was conducted by Entrepreneurship Development Cell Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra.

Sanjeeva Shivesh, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, of ‘The Entrepreneurship School', Gurgaon delivered aninsightful and inspiring webinar session.

The session addressed the issues faced with difficult times by the entrepreneurs and startups and opportunities which arise due to these difficult times.

Many relevant cases and examples were also discussed to better understand the entrepreneurial requirements in difficult times. Enriched with effective and most sought knowledge sequence, the session entailed the discussion about the scope for startups in tough times when the world is facing COVID-19.

The case of Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of the Toyota Motor Corporation, was also conversed to inspire the young minds as the company was also founded amid recession and economic depression.

This helped the students in understanding the importance of a business plan in the success of any startup.

Shivesh also elaborated the difference between the idea, the product and the market-fit product.

He emphasized that sometimes the entrepreneurs develop products which deviate from their ideas, but they fail to recognize this difference which can have an unfavorable effect on the startup.

He also emphasized on the significance of finding the right market for the right product and also discussed the various challenges which can be faced by the entrepreneurs in such difficult times like the funding challenge. Various new ideas for startups were also shared by the participants.

Earlier the session was started with the formal introduction of the speaker and guest of the day by Dr. Supran K. Sharma, Senior Faculty, School of Business and Chief Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Development Cell-SMVDU.

Dr Sharma emphasised that as a learner in the field of business the individual should see a silver line in the dark clouds to identify unseen opportunities for sustainable success.

This session was very enlightening and inspiring as commented by the participants.

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