Govt evacuates 104,436 stranded J&K residents; 73,402 via Lakhanpur, 31,034 through COVID special trains

JAMMU: The Jammu and Kashmir Government has evacuated about 104,436 J&K residents, stranded in other parts of the country due to COVID lockdown, via Lakhanpur and through special trains and buses till date amid strict observance of all necessary guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures.

As per the official data received in this regard, the administrations of Jammu and Kashmir districts have received 39 COVID special trains at Jammu and Udhampur railway stations from different states and UTs, so far, with about 31,034 stranded passengers while about 73,402 persons have been evacuated by the government through Lakhanpur till date.

Therefore, a total of about 104,436 J&K residents stranded outside UT have been brought back to the UT by the Jammu and Kashmir government by 39 COVID special trains and a fleet of buses through Lakhanpur after strictly observing all necessary preventive measures regarding the Virus.

As per the detailed break up about the figures, about 813 stranded passengers have entered through Lakhanpur from May 31 to June 1 morning while 651 passengers have reached today in the 19th Delhi COVID special train at Jammu. So far, 19 trains have reached Jammu with a total of 15,394 stranded passengers belonging to different districts while 15,640 passengers have reached Udhampur in 20 special trains, so far.

As per the official communiqué, of 73,402 returnees evacuated through Lakhanpur till June 1, 2020 (morning) included 18465 from Punjab; 22015 from Himachal Pardesh, 21 from Andhra Pardesh, 6939 from Delhi, 1397 from Gujrat, 3217 from Rajasthan, 4244 from Haryana, 162 from Chattisgarh, 3571 from Uttarakhand, 1076 from Maharashtra, 4652 from Uttar Pradesh, 64 from Odisha, 267 from Assam and 1080 from Madhya Pradesh, 88 from Dehradun, 1384 from Chandigarh, 693 from Telengana, 122 from Karnataka, 21 from Tamilnadu, 52 from Chennai, 324 from Bihar, 164 from West Bengal, 107 from Jharkhand, 3 from Nepal, 3 from Goa and 3271 from other states and UTs.

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