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The influence of JSS Jammu teachers extends beyond classrooms

JAMMU: To keep up the students learning momentum going in these uncertain times and to encourage their creativity, we at Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu are thrilled to announce digital home learning for its students.

The programmes are designed to integrate global pedagogy and lesson planning providing a link between online learning and classroom teaching through various learning tools to extend the students range of knowledge through - animation, audio and video, google interactive sessions ,instructions led tutorials, practice and assessment sheets.

Lockdown has taught us educators to Fall in love with technology; love our skills of connecting with our students; learn to deal with challenges. The teacher and parent both have become teachers of the child and found a new bonding. Teachers can turn many things at home into teaching resources and therefore creativity is being loved. The door at home is now a blackboard.

In the wake of COVID - 19 we are staying and working from home in order to be safe ourselves and to contribute our part in keeping the country safe too. While at the same time as responsible educationists we need to be positively constructive too. Utilising this period for understanding various activities making best possible use of technology.

To ensure that each day is productively utilised proper timetable with allocation of adequate timing of each academic subject; recreation activities, personal time and family time are done. All required resources and guidelines have been provided to the teachers to enable them to deliver these virtual classes.

Preparation of learning outcomes for different subjects and classes. Integrating the scope for various students enrichment activities and mapping learning outcomes to the curriculum.

Extraordinary times require even closer cooperation between students, Teachers, Parents. We want every child in the world to be excited to gain knowledge through vast array of means and modes for themselves, for their community and for society.

Though there is no replacement for the much effective real life interaction of the teacher and students but e-learning and exchange of knowledge are extremely important alternatives amidst this crisis.

Not just the academics students are encouraged to catch up on some indoor - hobbies and try their hands on painting, cooking, reading, writing, gardening, music, dance and foster intelligent conversations with family members at home.
We will win the battle if all of us do our bit.


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