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Epidemic of 'Fake orders' on '4G restoration' in J&K

The demand for the restoration of high-speed internet in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory has picked up pace on Twitter amid lockdown with trending hashtags #Restore4GinJK #JusticeForJammu. And some miscreants are circulating fake government orders online thus creating false hopes among the people. The much awaited demand for high-speed comes from the prolonged internet ban in J&K since the abrogation of Article 370. On March 4, authorities issued a circular permitting unrestricted access with 2G speed which was welcomed far and wide. The order came with possibilities for the restoration of high-speed internet services after reassessment but people's hopes fell flat with every new order.

The administration issued several orders following the first one regarding continuation of 2G internet services with no word on high-speed internet. The next date to review the status for 4G restoration was notified as April 3.

Amidst a strong appeal and united front put forth by Jammuities on Twitter, several credible journalists from Jammu and Kashmir were plagued by the epidemic of misinformation thus tweeting false news later shared by hundreds of their followers.

'News' means verifiable information issued in the public interest and ‘false news' undermines the credibility of information. The circulation of false orders is dangerous as they are well organized and reinforced by technology and sharing such information without verifying it with concerned authorities fulfills the malicious intent of the creator.

We, as the aware citizens of this country must rely on government sources for credible information in these testing times of Coronavirus. Let's pledge not to muddy the information waters and deliver or share only verified news.

The urgency of ‘breaking news' followed by the circulation of ‘false news' will be a disservice to the society.

Do not fall prey to ‘False News'


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Hardeep Bali