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Coronavirus- An attack on Human Supremacy

Back in the early 1950s when my father was in London for higher studies, he would often watch people playing Flush, a card game in which one rule was that, though a set of three aces was the best one could have in hand, the person would still lose to someone who had a set of three twos! The moral of the story was that no matter how big you are, there are always chances that something small can bring you down.

The corona virus has simply done that. The unforeseen attack by an unseen enemy has brought humans down to their knees. Everybody is feeling threatened by a virus that is cutting across nations, regions, religions, races, age, gender and economic status. For once, we are not fighting the enemy within, but one without any sort of identity that we have created so far on the basis of which we dominate, oppress and exploit other humans as well as nonhuman animals. By all means, the virus will go away and people will bounce back into action.

The animals and the environment will continue to suffer as humans keep surging ahead depleting and destroying everything that comes their way. No lessons will be learnt, no amendments will be made because we have changed the rules of the game...human supremacy is ultimate and everything else on this planet inconsequential.

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