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Dr. P. Venkatesu delivered talk on 'Strategic planning of Proteins in Ionic liquids'

JAMMU: Dr. P. Venkatesu (Associate Prof.) Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi delivered an enlightened talk on "Strategic planning of Proteins in Ionic liquids: Future solvents for enhanced stability of protein against multiple stresses".

Prof. R. K. Bamezai, Head of the Department of Chemistry gave brief introduction about him. He focused upon the different structures of amino acids and how the peptide bonds are formed from the amino acids. He told about the type of bonding in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary structure of protein.

He discussed about the interactions involved in the ionic liquids and how it differs from ionic salts. The role of ionic liquids in folding and refolding of proteins was thoroughly explained by Dr. Venkatesu. Considering urea as denaturant which unfolds the protein and how ionic liquid helps in restoring the folding of proteins was also elaborated. Some other parameters such as transition temperature, Gibb's free energy and how the stress gets relieved by the use of ionic liquids were discussed.

During his presentation, the faculty members of Department of Chemistry Prof. S. K. Pandey, Prof. H. N. Sheikh, Dr. Monika Gupta, Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Dr. Annah Gupta and Dr. Kuldeep Raj Sharma along with students and research scholars of Chemistry Department were present.


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