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Graduate Bears of Heritage School celebrate farmers’ benevolence

JAMMU: Graduate Bears (UKG A & B) of Heritage School Jammu presented an enactment on Saturday to commemorate the hard labour and sacrifices of a farmer.

The programme began with the welcome address by Hammad Khan of Graduate Bears-A and the gist of the programme was presented to the audience by Aadhya Singh.

The students performed a skit depicting the hard life of farmers and how patiently they work on the field along with Mother Nature to provide health and prosperity to land.

It highlighted their learning of a long process through which food travels from the fields to their platter. The students recited a Shloka on sun and songs on river and plantation. They enthralled the audience with their grand finale dance performance.

The programme culminated with the vote of thanks presented by Yuvika Bansal, student of Graduate Bears-A.



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