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JU faculty member delivers lecture on Rural tourism at Mumbai University

Rural tourism has a potential to change landscape of rural India: Dr Vivek Sharma

JAMMU: Dr Vivek Sharma, Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Lifelong Learning, University of Jammu has delivered a lecture on the theme "Role of Rural Tourism in Sustainable Rural Development in India" at the Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension, University of Mumbai, Mumbai.

Dr Sharma, in his address to the M.Phil and Ph.D research Scholars of rural development said the rural tourism is a nature based tourism that has the potential to develop Rural India.

"It is one of the best options available with its proven results in the west, by promoting ‘Incredible India' both for local and foreign tourists. Rural India has much to offer to the world be it rural lifestyle, rich traditions of art, craft, culture and distinguishing architectural styles, temple towns, and world-famous monuments," Dr Sharma said.

He also highlighted the potential of Rural Tourism as the main driver of economic growth and employment generation across the globe by addressing issues such as rural poverty, empowerment of rural women, strengthening the social and economic status of the rural people, Conservation of the rural environment including the flora and fauna and thus, contributing towards sustainable Rural Development.

He also dwelt on the major challenges confronting rural tourism which includes governmental policy framework and adequate infrastructural support, the need to educate and generate a democratic movement among the rural people at all levels by their active participation in tourism development by focussing on occupation training, skill development, handicraft promotion, and a close cooperation among all the stakeholders in order to achieve sustainable development through the rural tourism in rural areas.

Prominent among those present on the occasion were Dr. Dilip S. Patil, Director, Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension, University of Mumbai, Dr. Kunal D. Jadhav, Associate Professor, other teaching and non-teaching staff members.

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