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JSS conducts Survey under British Council

JAMMU: Apprising children about agriculture and farming procedures, Jammu Sanskriti School planned an activity “Let’s Salute Our Farmers” as a part of ISA curriculum under the banner of British Council in which a survey was conducted where the children researched about different types of kharif and rabi crops produced in India. 

The purpose of this activity was to acknowledge children how farmers work day and night so as to yield satisfactory production to meet the bread and butter demand of the country.

As an English proverb goes “life on a farm is a school of patience, you can’t hurry the crops or make an ox in two days.” This saying was practically witnessed by children who conducted interview with the farmers of nearby farms and asked questions like what is the role of natural factors and various obstacles they face during the farming and harvesting, why the production is more in countries like USA and UK.

To which, the farmers replied that those countries are economically advanced than ours and government also renders support to them which is not there in our country. The entire activity was conducted under the able guidance of Shruti Verma and Puja Sabbarwal.


The activity was culminated by a questionnaire in which the questions regarding crop production were asked.

Speaking on the activity, Rohini Aima, Principal cum Vice-Chairperson appreciated the initiative taken by the teachers and children. She also said that no matter how advanced we become, we are always rooted to our farms and villages. This activity was conducted to pay tribute to our farmers whose hard work and toil is not appreciated and acknowledged. The whole activity was conducted under the supervision of ISA Coordinator Munmun Kohli.

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