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MIER College organizes Environmental Campaign at its Campus

JAMMU: The Environment Unit of MIER College organized an environment campaign by conducting a series of activities namely preparation of bio-fertilizer, water conservationand increasing ground water leveland planting fruit trees in its campus.

Dr. Renu Gupta, Vice Chairperson MIER, Dr. Adit Gupta, Principal MIER College, HoDs of different departments along with the faculty and students participated in the campaign.

In order to raise the level of the ground water, a pit was dug in the garden by the student members to collect the waste water from the school. Stones were used in the pit to filter the water and to prevent it from evaporation and further helping in maintaining the ground water level of the ground.

Dr. Monika Bajaj, In-charge Environment Unit discussed the benefits of increasing and sustaining the ground water level and also the consequences of water crisis.

In addition the students of the college witnessed the composting site where biodegradable waste of the institution is dumped. This compost shall be used as a fertilizer in the campus garden.

The main focus of the unit was to spread awareness regarding natural compost as a replacement for chemical fertilizers which is harmful for soil, microorganisms and human beings.

The students and faculty planted 5 saplings of apple tree "Hariman-99" which is a unique variety of apple that can be grown in tropical and subtropical areas and is develop by Shri Hariman Sharma of Himachal Pradesh.

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