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St. Mary's Infant Convent School collocates Christmas Convivial

JAMMU: St. Mary's Infant Convent School (SMICS) revelled in the festal joie de vivre by organizing a splendacious Christmas carnival which re-echoed the vicinage with Noel euphonies and luxuriated one and all in the Christmas convivial.

The beanfeast enkindled not only the opening of benefactions but also unrolling of hearts to colossal messianic jouissance thereby exuding the true spirit of Christmas.

The event was graced by the valued presence of Rev Fr. Jose Vadakkel, the Vicar General of Diocese of Jammu-Srinagar, who was the Chief Guest of the occasion. Rev. Sr. Marie Mathew PBVM of Presentation Convent School, Gandhi Nagar and Catherine from Delhi glorified the event as the Guests of Honor. Anna Mary, Chairperson of the school welcomed the special vedettes to the commemoration of the birth of the Holy One of Bethlehem.

 The welcome address ensued the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the luminaries. Soon after the curtains were raised on the seraphic occasion, tiny tots laced the paradisiacal event with their bright-eyed and bushy-tailed performances on harlequin of Noel melodies and delightfully proclaimed the coming of Jesus through their mellifluent ditties. Infants adorned in psychedelic regalia, painted the school in Christmassy tint and brought alive the nativity scene.


Speaking at the occasion, the dignitaries lauded the students, staff and management of the school for avidly spreading Christmas cheer and filliped all to adapt the ideals of service, love and compassion as taught by Jesus Christ.

Principal of the school, Sheetal Anthony was beholden to the esteemed guests for bestowing honor upon the school with their benignant presence. She also extended season’s greetings to all and sundry which befittingly metamorphosed to the leitmotif of Jingle Bells, setting the scene for the ingress of adored Santa Claus.

The cherished Claus schlepped bags full of goodies and meted out copious presents much to the delectation of pupil. Sharing of Christmas Cake and tripping the light fantastic with best-loved Santa marked the culmination of the endearing jamboree of jollity.

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