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Two Day National seminar commences at JU

JAMMU: The two day National seminar on the topic 'The Contribution of Non-Muslim poets of Jammu and Kashmir in the development of Urdu Language and literature' was inaugurated today by Prof. Naresh Padha Dean Research Studies, the seminar is being organized by department of urdu, University of Jammu.

In his inaugural address Prof. Naresh Padha threw light on the sweetness of urdu language as well as its poetry and prose.

He described Urdu an Indian Language which has played important role in uniting the India and has contributed a lot in the freedom struggle of India.

The language has been grown by the efforts of the poets and writer irrespective of Caste, Colour and Creed.

To describe the Urdu the language of Muslim only is a big lie as Non Muslim poets had earned name and fame only through Urdu writings, these non- Muslim poets at national level includes Pandit rattan Nath Sarshad, Pandit Daya Krishan Naseem, Munshi Prem Chand, Rajinder Singh Bedi, Krishnan Chander.

In Jammu and Kashmir too Non- Muslim Poets and writer like Thakur Poonchi, Anand Leher, Balraj Bakshi and Pritpal Singh Betab has contributed a lot in the
development of urdu language.

The keynote address was presented by Prof. Ali Javeed of Delhi University who in detail threw light on the contribution of Non Muslim Poets and writers of the country as well as of the Jammu and Kashmir in the development of Urdu Language.

He informed that it is because of the contribution of non- Muslim poets and writers of Urdu language that urdu language is the most secular language of the world.
It has a rich literature too its credit written by non Muslim poets and writers.

The contribution of Rajinder Singh Bedi, Mahinder Nath, Thakur Poonchi, Prem Nath Pardesit, Mahkesh Kashmiri, Nand kishore Vikram, Prof. Gopi Chand Narang, Prof. Jagan Nath Azad, Prof. Sham Lal Kalra, Prof. Hukam Chand Nayar cannot be ignored in the development of urdu Language and literature both at National Level and State level. The tributes written by Non Muslim poets and writers to the prophet "Peace be upon him" is a marvelous peace of literature.

Similarly tributes paid to Imam Hussain and Martyrs of Karabala could not be ignored by the critic of urdu language and literatures.

Prof. Shahid Pervaiz who was the Guest of Honour on the occasion too highlighted the contribution of Non Muslim writer of Jammu and Kashmir to the development of Urdu Language.

Describing Jammu and Kashmir a Urdu region Dr Shahid Pervaiz described the role of urdu language in uniting the various parts of the Jammu and Kashmir.

He informed that it was Maharaja Partap Singh who give urdu official status , it is because of this status that every writer of Jammu and Kashmir belonging to any religion had written literature in urdu language.

Prof. Shohab Inayat Malik while welcoming the Guests discussed the origin and development of Urdu language in Jammu and Kashmir. He informed that it was during the Dogra rulers that urdu entered in Jammu and Kashmir particularly in Jammu urdu got tremendous development during the regime of Maharaja Ranbir Singh who himself is a lover of Art and Languages.

He invited various poets and writers from other parts of the country and associated them with his kingdom, later Maharaja Partap Singh in 1889 made Urdu a official language of
Jammu and Kashmir. Mulkh Raj Saraf, krishan Sambyal Puri, Aresh Sahbai, talib Amem abedi, Abed Manavari, Dena Nath Rafiq, Mulk raj Anaand, Mohan Yawer, Pritap Singh Betab, Mehkesh Kashmiri, Anand Leher, Balraj Bakshi, Jatinder Udampuri, Joginder Their and others are the Non Muslim writers and poets who made a tremendous contribution in
the development of urdu language and literature in Jammu and Kashmir.

The proceeding of the program was conducted by Dr Mohd Reyaz Ahmed, Associate Professor while vote of thanks was presented by Dr Chaman Lal, Assistant Professor of the department of urdu , university of Jammu.

Later a all India Urdu Mushira was also organized in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and languages in the jam-packed hall of Brigadier Rajinder Singh Auditorium in which Aresh Shahbai ,Pritpal Singh Betab, Javaid Malik Zada ,Abass Raza Nayyar , Zamer Ali Zamer ,Balraj Bakshi ,Sibit-e-Rizwi ,Pervaiz Malik ,Touseef Tabish, Adil, Dr Mula Baksh,  Sitar Singh recited their poetry.

Mushiar was presided by reputed poet of the country Malik Zada Javed presided over the Mushira.

The proceeding of the Mushira was conducted by Abbas raza Nayyar while vote of thanks was presented by Prof. Shohab Inayat Malik, HOD Urdu and Dean Faculty of Arts.

Prof. Manoj Dhar, Vice Chancellor of the University of Jammu was the Chief Guest on the occasion who in its speech lauded the efforts of Urdu department for organizing two day national seminar on a vital topic and also a all India Urdu Mushira.

He described Jammu a hub of urdu Literary activities where every year several Mushiar are organized by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and languages and department of urdu, University of Jammu.

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