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G.D.Goenka conducts Report Writing & Poster Making

JAMMU: G.D. Goenka Public School, governed by Om Prakash Bansal Charitable Trust conducted Report Writing for class 11 on the topic “Adverse Effects of Industrialisation/Overpopulation” and Poster Making for class 9 on the topic “Save Environment/ Plight of Planet Earth.”

The students of class ninth designed innovative and mind boggling posters forcing each one to tax their brain and ponder upon the ways in which they are ruining their planet and providing food for thought by citing the ways to stop and secure their beloved planet EARTH.

The drawings and depictions were so bizarre that all had open jaws as to what they have converted their land into Shocking, heart-rending depiction forced one to think about the damage done. All the children encompassed brilliant ideas and sights to make our planet a better place. Colorful posters were an eye opener, stating: Stop, look and rethink before doing more damage.

Report writing was very enthusiastically taken up by the children as they all wanted to write about the ill deeds by the human race to its survivor ie Planet Earth. Collateral damage done and measures which require to be adopted to bring it back to lush greenery were all penned down by the children.

All in all these activities acted as a bitter potion for all of us and gave us a message: ‘wake up before it is too late!’

The Principal Rajesh Rathore beamed at the josh of the children and appreciated their efforts to save the planet earth from major damage than what has already been done.

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