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JSS Students visits Manda Zoo for picnic

KATHUA: Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua organised smashing fun filled picnics for Students of Classes 3rd to 11th.

These trips were intended to give a real life experience, to strengthen the teacher-student bond, to nurture responsibility, imbibe leadership and build camaraderie amongst students.

The schedule was as follows Classes 1-3 were taken to the scenic and historical Amar Mahal Palace cum Museum and Art Gallery along with Manda Zoo.

The kids loved the flora and fauna around their destination - Manda Zoo. The excitement was as if the pictures in their books were coming live in front whether be the wild tigers or the lazy crocodiles, they loved it all. Sculptured with grandeur and richness of the Royale dynasty carrying richer heritage sanctity, to watch the Amar Singh Mahal, was a soul satisfying experience for the little gems of Jammu Sanskriti out there.

Prodding forward, the next league headed to their halt at hotel Devi Grand situated in the lap of Trikuta hills, the town of Katra.

As Classes 4th-6th were destined for Hotel Devi Grand, Katra. An impeccably built piece of rejuvenation, serene and scenic ambience with extensive fun-filled activities for students such as water zorbing, Burma bridge etc. along with some mouth watering, sumptuous three course meal.

Last but not the least, Classes 7-11 were marched to the rendezvous hint of Punjabi tradition, culture and exclusive delicacies of 'Sadda Pind'.

Visiting SADA PIND seemed as if you are inside a village as the entire set up looks like a traditional Pind or village in Punjab. The cultural heritage of Punjab is beautifully and vibrantly exhibited with mouth watering food stalls of different Punjabi delicacies like Sarson ka saag and Makke di roti etc are all available giving that typical punjabi taste. The students clearly enjoyed their day to the fullest and created beautiful memories to be cherished by them for a long time to come.

The laughter and joy that was witnessed amongst the students was something to be felt beyond words. The picnic was a much needed break from the regular schedule of the students in school and they made the best out of the day.



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