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Science Exhibition held at GD Goenka

JAMMU: G.D Goenka Public School, Jammu Governed by Om Parkash Bansal Charitable Trust observed Science Week wherein the Middle wing organised Science Exhibition under the able guidance of Middle Wing Coordinator Diya Sarkar and the faculty of science.

The young Goenkans displayed the various working models like Periscope, Smoke absorber, Solar cooker, Hydroelectric power plant, Hydraulic multifunction crane, Washing Machine, Money minting machine, Fire and Water alarm, Road cleaner, Traffic light, projector, etc. The students put in sincere efforts to make the exhibition a grand success.

The Director of the school, Sanya Bansal witnessed the exhibition and interacted with the students regarding the efficiency of the models. She congratulated the students for their enthusiasm and dedication.

The Principal of the school, Rajesh Rathore was also impressed and awestruck after observing the working projects of the middle wing students as many of their inventions were practical and time saving which should be a part of our daily lives. The Principal appreciated the children and faculty members for their brilliant performance.  

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