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JSS commemorates International Day for elimination of domestic violence against women

JAMMU: Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu thought of igniting the spark among masses regarding the elimination of domestic violence against women.

In this context, the School commemorated International day for elimination of domestic violence against women in collaboration with Radio Mirchi.

The event happened in the benign presence of Vinay Sharma (SP South), Nupur Sandhu (Professional Pyschologist with Deepika Padukone’s Mental Health Association) Khushboo Mattoo (Programming Head, Radio Mirchi) , Rakshita, RJ Nishant, RJ Shwetima , Harpreet Singh Anand (Chairperson), Sunakshi Anand & Harleen Anand, Avneet Kaur (Senior Wing Co-ordinator), Prabhjot Kaur (Middle Wing Coordinator), Varuna Mangotra (Primary Coordinator) & Nidhi Kohli (Pre-Primary Coordinator).

It commenced with the talk by RJ Shwetima & RJ Nishant who asserted that we need to learn the right way of handling & communicating things. It was followed by speech of Vinay Sharma (SP South) who advocated that we need to raise our voice against Domestic Violence whether it is physical or verbal. We need to be smarter species rather than obnoxious species Nupur Sandhu said that we need to focus on ourselves so that we can take the stand for others. It was an interactive session in which children shared their perspective and enjoyed with the team of Radio Mirchi.

Harpreet Singh Anand, Chairperson of the School appreciated the event and conveyed the message that living in 21st century and in the eon of technological advancement we are still prisoners of stereotype mindset which considers women as physically inferior to men and always tries to subdue them without understanding the fact that women are at par with men.


Rohini Aima, Principal cum vice chairperson of the school conveyed her gratitude to Nupur Sandhu & Vinay Sharma (Resource persons) & entire team of Radio Mirchi for enriching our children and collaborating with us in this initiative for elimination of domestic violence against women. 

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