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JU organizes lecture on 'Role of Rivers in the Development of Harappan Civilization'

JAMMU: The Department of History, University of Jammu organized the fourth lecture 'Role of Rivers in the Development of Harappan Civilization' under the banner of 'Major Debates in Indian History', an initiative taken by the Department of History.

The speaker on the occasion was Prof. R.C. Thakran, a Professor of the Delhi University, an eminent historian and archaeologist who is known for his seminal contributions in the study of Indus valley Civilization and the allied fields like archaeo-hydrology, archaeo-botany, archaeo-zoology, etc. who spoke on the minimum role of rivers in the settlement of major civilizations all around the globe.

He opened his discussion with the assertion that all the four major civilizations of the world prospered in the semi-arid climatic zones of the world.

He discarded the theory of shifting courses of the rivers in the context of Harappan Civilization and emphasized the importance of anthropological factor in the development of the civilization by way of water harvesting during the ancient times.

In his discussion he strongly underlined the fact that archaeological sources must be used in conjunction with the ethnographic data.

The lecture opened with the welcome address delivered by Prof. Suman Jamwal who highlighted the academic achievements of Prof. Thakran and extended a warm welcome to the speaker on behalf of the Department of History.

Prof. Jasbir Singh, Dean Student welfare and also Dean Social Sciences, offered the Presidential remarks.

While speaking about the importance of such academic engagements on the campus he extended his note of thanks to Prof. Thakran on behalf of the University of Jammu for enriching the knowledge of the audience about various aspects of Indus valley Civilization.

He also underlined the fact that being the first urban culture of India, the dimensions of the culture must be understood in the larger context of history as several of our contemporary cultural traits are rooted in the culture of the past.

The significant part of the lecture was the question answer session which continued for more than one and a half hours.

Prof. Shyam Narayan Lal, Head of the Department, offered the concluding remarks and also presented a formal vote of thanks.

The lecture was attended by Research Students, Post graduate students and members of the academic fraternity of the university, the prominent being Prof. Vishwa Raksha, Dr. Hema Gandotra.

Vinod Singh Rawat and Jaikaran from the Archaeological Survey of India also graced the occasion.

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