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SKUAST-J organized Veterinary Clinical camp on Gandhi Jayanti

JAMMU: Faculty of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry of SKUAST-Jammu organized Veterinary Clinical camp for animal health on the 150th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at Suchetgarh.

Animal Health camp was coordinated by the Dr. Neelesh Sharma, Senior Assistant Professor, Division of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Science under the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India project titled "Socio-economic upliftment of rural weaker section (SC/ST) by scientific interventions and amelioration of production diseases in dairy animals".

Dr. Neelesh Sharma stated that main motto of the programmeis to aware the farmers about management of various diseases such as mastitis, ketosis, milk fever etc. of dairy animals those are directly affecting the production and causing heavy economic losses to the dairy farmers.

He also emphasized the importance of cleanliness in the dairy farming. Mastitis is a disease of udder and milk which is caused due to poor hygienic practices at the dairy farm, faulty milking etc. This disease may transfer infection to human being through milk and causing heavy economic losses to the dairy farmers.As we know that day to day agriculture land is continuously shrinking and dependency of farmers is increasing towards the livestock farming. Rural farmers livelihood is mainly depends on the livestock particularly on the dairy animals.

More than 70 farmers participated in the Veterinary Clinical camp for the health checkup of their animals and treatment of various diseases. There were more than 200 animals were treated for various diseases such as fever, mastitis, ketosis, anorexia, hygroma, ticks, worm load, repeat breeding, anestrus and other surgical interventions were also performed on the spot. Milk samples were tested on the spot for mastitis and milk quality. Medicine were distributed free of cost to the farmers.

Dr. Dinesh Dwivedi, Assistant professor, Veterinary Surgery, examined the cases for various surgical ailments and performed minor surgeries for hygroma. Dr. Sharad Kumar, Assistant Professor, veterinary gynaecology, examined various cases for pregnancy diagnosis and treated for the anestrus and repeat breeding. Farmers are facing for various reproductive problems of the animals. Dr. Zul I Huma and Dr. Touqeer Ahmed were also present during the camp to treat the animals. Deshraj, Sarpanch and Janak raj, naibsarpanch of the Suchetgarh were inaugurated the camp and appreciated the efforts by the teat for conducting successful veterinary camp in the Pakistan bordering areas for the farmers.

Dr. Neelesh Sharma highlighted the major problems of livestock in the bordering areas and told that we will also various clinical camps for the dairy animals, so that farmers can get more benefits.


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