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Adulterated juice sold in Gandhi Nagar area, complaint registered

The streamlining of rehris in Gandhi Nagar and other areas has sorted the mess created by road-side vendors. But, one can still notice various fruit juice sellers lined up near Main Stop area. Passersby often stop at these stalls and consume juice. Recently, people have complained to Jammu Municipal Corporation regarding the sale of adulterated fruit juice by some shops in Gandhi Nagar and adjoining areas.

Adulteration in food not only brings down its nutritional value but also becomes a source of different health hazards which is a major issue. It is done by adding harmful chemicals, acids, or any form of liquid (that may be injurious to health) to the food just to increase the quantity and lower the quality.

Fruit juice vendors add cheaper ingredients such as water, sugar, and other adulterants to cut costs and thereby label products as pure. The adulteration is done with the motive to increase profit margin but it is a crime to knowingly sell the adulterated product to the customer.

One of the customers lodged a complaint at the JMC against the adulterated juice in some shops in Gandhi Nagar, Shastri Nagar and Sanjay Nagar area.

The complainant had written the authorities that the juice processors have deliberately been hidden by from customers and kept at a low level hiding behind the piles of fruit decorated in front. He wrote that vendors add saccharine water and color to adulterate juice.

The complaint has been confirmed by the concerned authorities and a strict action is likely to be taken against the guilty.


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Hardeep Bali