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Auto-rickshaw driver's son from Udhampur secures 10th rank in KAS, credits late father for success

Maya Angelou had rightly said, "Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently." This kind of determination fits perfectly on Udhampur boy who secured 10th rank in the prestigious Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) Examination.

Suresh Singh, a native of village Incha of tehsil Ramnagar in district Udhampur had fought all the odds in life to make KAS his destiny. Suresh is presently working as a teacher in a remote village and living on a rental accommodation. He credited his success to family and especially his late father, Baldev Singh. His father was an auto-rickshaw driver by day and a book binder by night. He used to push him to work hard in life and become an officer. Owing to his father's hard work, he has achieved this feat today. Suresh's father made sure that he can pursue his education without any hurdles so he worked day and night to make ends meet.

Suresh comes from a humble background and was always committed to his dreams of becoming a KAS officer. He does miss his father's presence as he desperately wanted him to succeed in life. Suresh lost his father in 2013 following which, he started giving tuitions to kids in his village after his college hours to earn livelihood for his family.

Suresh completed his graduation from Government Degree College Udhampur and joined University of Jammu to pursue M.Sc in Mathematics in 2014. He admitted that joining Jammu University gave him immense exposure to prepare for KAS. The environment and the accessibility to a lot of things like books, internet etc. helped him to stay motivated and work hard for his goals.

In 2016, Suresh was selected as a teacher and was posted in a remote village around 70 kilometers away from his home. His unfettered determination fuelled him to work towards his goal and he kept studying day and night for KAS exam.

Jammu Links News team talked to Suresh and congratulated him on the massive success. On asking about the reactions coming from the family after his results, he said, "My mother's ( Kiran Devi) eyes welled up with tears when I shared the news with her and my sister, Sanjita, who has been my constant support system, was overjoyed."

He said, "I was posted in a remote village Kulwanta in district Udhampur where even the road connectivity is so poor that I could not get my hands onto the newspapers. But Digital India Initiative and the internet connectivity really helped me through my journey. For my preparation, I mostly relied on the websites namely Mrunal, Insights IAS, Vision IAS etc. and a few YouTube channels like Unacademy which kept me abreast with latest happenings around the world."

Suresh said, "I feel young people must learn to prioritize things in life and then work hard towards their dreams. I studied 5-6 hours daily for an year and I made it to the list. Besides, I chose Mathematics as an optional subject and many people warned me about it but I had faith in myself. So, I believe any determined student can do this."

Burning the midnight oil helped him to crack the prestigious Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) Examination with 10th rank. His success story is certainly inspiring for many students who think poor financial conditions can come in the way of success.





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Hardeep Bali