J&K Govt warns social media users: ‘Think Twice Before You Post’

JAMMU: In response to the Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain's recent caution on the legal repercussions of posting prejudicial content on social media, credible sources have indicated that the Government has devised a comprehensive strategy to tackle the rising issue of social media abuse.

Official sources said that over the past some time, the Government has noticed a surge in the misuse of social media platforms by individuals with anti-national sentiments, disseminating inflammatory messages and propaganda from terrorist and separatist groups.

Recognizing the severe implications of such content on state's security and public order, the Government is reportedly poised to take legal measures against those exploiting social media.

In an initial step, the District Magistrates (DMs) in select districts of Kashmir Province have initiated orders under section 144 of the CrPC, warning social media users of the grave consequences of their actions.

In these directives issued, the DMs have advised the users to think twice before posting any content on the social media as according to them, their irresponsible content posted on social media sites might have the potential of helping anti-social and anti-national elements in spreading panic, chaos, and violence.

The orders highlight concerns about the misuse of social media platforms for the dissemination of incendiary messages and propaganda, issuing stern warnings against citizens engaging in such activities.

In the event of receiving messages promoting terrorism, secessionism, or sensitive material, individuals have been urged to promptly report incidents to the nearest police station or post, providing screenshots and details.

Clarifying the course of action for accidental sharing of inflammatory content, the DMs have emphasized the public's ability to promptly remove content and issue clarifications to contacts or groups.

The District Administrations have underscored citizens' responsibility to report messages or posts propagating terrorism or secessionism, even if not downloaded, emphasizing collective community safety.

The orders issued by the DMs have further cautioned against remaining in social media groups with inappropriate content, highlighting potential presumptions of complicity unless individuals opt out or report such groups to police authorities.

The District Magistrates have also shared the contact numbers for District Control Rooms, offering social media users a direct line to report any encountered sensitive content.



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