Security situation not alarming in J&K, terror attacks nothing but pin-pricks caused by Pakistan: DGP

JAMMU: Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP) R R Swain on Saturday said the situation in the Union Territory is not alarming as is being projected, while describing terror attacks in the valley as "pin-pricks" orchestrated at the behest of Pakistan with a sole motive to sell the bloodshed to keep its politics and economy running.

However, Swain said all the security agencies, with active public support, are determined to put an end to such "pin-pricks or cuts" as the Indian State and its government have the will to defeat terrorism and not allow it to become a cause of concern where normal life is derailed.

The police chief also said they have, at times, thought of getting photographs of slain foreign terrorists circulated through the Interpol so that their parents at least get to know that their children are dead.

The DGP was interacting with reporters during his first public grievance redressal meeting at the police headquarters in the winter capital of Jammu.

Replying to a question on the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir in the wake of a recent encounter in Rajouri where five Army personnel and two foreign terrorists were killed, he said, "I do not think we should be over-alarmed. Yes, there is a porous and difficult border and a whole country (Pakistan) and a whole system is subverted and convoluted, so we have a challenge.

"No one is shying away from the reality that there is a challenge, but the Indian State and its government have the will and resoluteness to defeat it (terrorism) and not allow it to become a cause of concern where normal life, business activities, peace and security would be derailed (in Jammu and Kashmir)," Swain said.

He said people, especially those living in Jammu province, should remain mentally alert because the intent of the adversary continues to be inimical even as its capability to harm is not as it intends to project.

The DGP said isolated incidents keep taking place but a terror attack does not mean that terrorists are in a position to take over the region.

He said Jammu and Kashmir is a border state with legacy issues.

"There is an enemy with an intent which is linked to its politics and economy. They are moving in their own ecosystem and we have to remain prepared mentally to fight it (terrorism).

"Today, we had a meeting with the Army and other security agencies, and we were very satisfied that people themselves are coming forward to inform us (about terrorists). The flow of information shows that the people are willing to be a partner in this fight," the police chief said.

He said the enemy can only "pin-prick us or go for a cut, but we are like an elephant, a lion and if they think by doing so, they will pull us down, they are mistaken".

Swain said the perpetrators of violence are selling the bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir to serve their interest.

"They are misleading their public and recruiting the children of poor citizens (for terrorism) even as they themselves are living a lavish life in bungalows and playing golf," he said.

Swain said the security agencies are working to put an end to the pin-pricks and cuts from the enemy. "We are finding ways, collecting all our energies and sitting with the public to end terrorism," he added.

The DGP said there are elements who have infiltrated into the Indian side from across the border and when they are killed in encounters, their identities remain unknown.

"We have thought of getting their photos circulated through the Interpol, so that their parents at least get to know that their children have been killed," he said.

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