Reconsider licence suspension of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Amethi: BJP MP Varun Gandhi to UP govt

NEW DELHI: BJP MP Varun Gandhi asked the Uttar Pradesh government on Friday to reconsider its decision to suspend the licence of the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Amethi, saying the "swift suspension" without a thorough investigation was a gross injustice.

In a letter addressed to Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Brajesh Pathak, Gandhi said the suspension has far-reaching implications for the region's healthcare access, employment and education as a large number of people depend on the hospital for primary healthcare services.

The hospital is named after the father of Varun Gandhi, the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Lok Sabha MP from Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh. Congress leader Sonia Gandhi is the chairperson of the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Trust, which runs the Amethi hospital, while party leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra are the members of the trust.

"The swift suspension of the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital's licence in Amethi, without a thorough investigation, is an injustice to all individuals who depend on the institution not only for primary healthcare services but also for their livelihoods.

"While accountability is crucial, it is imperative that principles of fairness and impartiality be upheld," Gandhi posted on X while sharing a copy of his letter to Pathak.

The Congress has also demanded revocation of the decision to suspend the hospital's licence, to which Pathak said on Thursday that the step was taken after a probe into the death of a woman.

Pathak, who also holds the health portfolio, said action would be taken against all the hospitals functioning illegally or where negligence is found in treating patients.

The state health department suspended the hospital's licence on Monday and put a halt on its OPD and emergency services following a probe into the incident.

Gandhi said his letter to the Uttar Pradesh government respectfully seeks a reconsideration of the decision.

"It is my hope that our citizens' access to medical services remains uninterrupted, while the government ensures a transparent inquiry that addresses immediate concerns, and identifies and rectifies any systemic issues that may have contributed to the unfortunate incident," he added.

The BJP leader said a large number of people from Amethi and surrounding areas visit the hospital daily for their healthcare needs, while it also provides livelihood to the hundreds of staff members and thousands of others associated with the institution.

"Furthermore, the hospital plays a commendable role in healthcare education by training 600 nursing and 200 paramedic students yearly. Suspending the hospital's licence unilaterally, without affording it any opportunity to explain, raises concerns as this decision impacts healthcare access, livelihood and educational continuity," he said.

Acknowledging the gravity of the recent incident of alleged medical negligence, the MP said it is essential to approach the matter with a sense of proportionality and fairness.

"Tragic events can unfold in any healthcare facility, regardless of ownership. Suspending the entire hospital's licence without allowing for a comprehensive, impartial investigation appears to be a rushed and potentially unjust course of action," he said.

Gandhi suggested a detailed root-cause analysis and implementing its findings at all hospitals across the state to eliminate any such incidents due to incumbent circumstances.

He requested the state government to reconsider the decision to suspend the licence and initiate an impartial inquiry while ensuring that the hospital continues to provide critical healthcare services to the people of Uttar Pradesh and safeguarding jobs and educational opportunities.


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