FICCI FLO JKL’s ‘Uday Programme’ paving way for entrepreneurship, innovation
Jammu Links News9/17/2023

JAMMU: The ‘Uday Programme,' a collaborative effort between FICCI FLO JKL and Bangalore-based Scheam India, is a humble effort to build foundations in the realm of entrepreneurship in the Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh regions.

This initiative, aptly named ‘Uday: Nayi Ummeedon Ki Shuruaat' is shining a beacon of hope and creating fresh opportunities for young talents.

The program's core mission is to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in young individuals, fostering their creativity and providing the necessary support to turn their ideas into thriving businesses. Varuna Anand, Chairperson FICCI FLO JJKL, underscores the collective responsibility to boost the startup ecosystem by identifying and supporting young talents with exceptional ideas, enabling them to translate their concepts into successful ventures.

The program offers a substantial cash prize of Rs 51,000 to five finalists in the student category, along with financial support, mentorship, and guidance for five students whose ideas demonstrate the potential for growth and success in the undergraduate category.

By investing in these budding entrepreneurs, ‘Uday' aspires to cultivate a vibrant startup culture in the region while promoting gender inclusivity within the startup landscape. The application process for this program is user-friendly and free, accessible via the official website at

Varuna Anand said that ‘Uday' investment program caters to two distinct age-based categories: students from Class 9 to Class 12 and those pursuing undergraduate studies in colleges. She said the primary focus of ‘Uday' is to engage and nurture young entrepreneurs, providing them with vital resources, mentorship, and financial backing to refine their innovative concepts.

She articulated the organization's primary objective, which is to transform individuals into job providers rather than job seekers and emphasized a pressing need to change this basic mindset in the region.



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