Maharaja Hari Singh Ji's legacy continues to influence region's historic narrative: Slathia
Jammu Links News9/23/2023

SAMBA: Paying floral tributes to Maharaja Hari Singh Ji on his 128th Birth Anniversary, former minister and Pradesh BJP Vice President Surjeet Singh Slathia, today said the Maharaja Sahib's vision about social justice and governance besides various other reforms made him the bellowed ruler of the masses and his legacy continues to influence the region's historical narrative.

'Today we commemorate the birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh Ji, a distinguished and visionary leader who played a pivotal role in the history of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, Maharaja Sahib's legacy continues to inspire generations, reminding us of his immense contribution to the socio-economic and political development of the region", he said while speaking at homage giving function at Gurha Slathia in Vijaypur Assembly Constituency.

He said Maharaja Hari Singh Ji was not only a benevolent ruler but also a proponent of modernization and reform in his kingdom.

He ushered in various progressive initiatives, such, such as the abolition of untouchability, promotion of education, and the establishment of healthcare facilities, which significantly improved the quality of life for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, he added

Slathia said signing of the Instrument of Accession to India by Maharaja Hari Singh Ji on October 26 1947 marked the integration of Jammu and Kashmir into the newly independent nation. This pivotal decision, he said laid the foundation of the regions' development and its participation in the democratic process of India.

As we pay tribute to Maharaja Hari Singh Ji on his birth anniversary, it is an opportunity to remember his role in shaping the history of Jammu and Kashmir. His leadership, decisions, and commitment to the welfare of the people continue to be an inspiration for all of us, he added.

On this occasion, he said it is essential to reflect upon his contributions to the socio-economic development of the region.

During his rule, Maharaja Hari Singh initiated several reforms aimed at modernizing the state.

These reforms included efforts to improve education, healthcare, and infrastructure, which laid the foundation for progress in the region Slathia said.

He said Maharaja Hari Singh's reign also witnessed cultural and religious tolerance, fostering an environment of coexistence among the diverse communities in the region. His commitment to the welfare of all his subjects is a testament to his visionary leadership, he added.

He also called upon everyone to take a moment to remember and honour Maharaja Sahib on this significant day.

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