JammuEmpowering Society Through Digital Innovation: The Inspiring Journey of Ankush Kapoor"
Determination knows no bounds! Meet Ankush Kapoor, Informatics Officer at Jammu Municipal Corporation, proving that with strong willpower, anything is achievable.

OpinionsFrom Gender Equality To Gender Equity: Empowering Women For Just Society
Wajood-e-Zan Se Hai Tasweer-e-Kainat Mein Rang, Isse Ke Saaz Se Hai Zindagi Ka Souz-e-Darun, which means colours of the universe are due to the existence of woman, She is the lyre that can impart pat...

Pakistan Terrorism - A game less understood
JAMMU: Pakistan has long been associated with a terror nexus, a web of homegrown insurgency, support to Taliban, and funding from the West. In recent years, the country's security situation has continued to deteriorate, and the role of the Pakistani army generals in profiting from western aid has come under scrutiny. Despite these developments, the situation in Pakistan has not received adequate ...

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