700 J&K students visit Karwar Naval Base in Goa; explore shiplift facility

GOA: On the seventh day of their journey, the College on Wheels contingent, consisting of students, mentors, and administrative staff, today had a transformative visit to the Naval Base and the picturesque Karwar beach in Goa.

The day was marked by a warm welcome and an enlightening address by Admiral Ashwani Tikko, and a series of engaging experiences.

On arrival at the Karwar Naval Base, the contingent was received warmly, setting the tone for a day filled with exploration and insights into naval operations.

Admiral Ashwani Tikko addressed the gathering, illuminating a path toward India's future. He expressed happiness over the students from Jammu and Kashmir visiting the naval base, and acknowledged the objective of the journey to foster collaboration and understanding, transcending regional boundaries and strengthening national unity.

Delving into the soul of India, Admiral Tikko celebrated the nation's beauty-a vibrant tapestry of languages, traditions, and cultures that unite the country. Diversity, he emphasized, is India's strength.

Highlighting achievements of the nation, Admiral Tikko said that India is the sole country to successfully reach Mars, showcasing the nation's capabilities in space exploration and technological advancements.

Emphasizing India's impact on the world stage, the Admiral pointed out that leaders of top global companies are of Indian origin, underscoring the global talent and leadership contributions of Indians.

In a forward-looking statement, Admiral expressed optimism about the future of girls in the defense forces. He encouraged them to aspire to top positions, envisioning a future where they lead in the defense forces.

Admiral Tikko's impactful address served not only as an informative session but also as a catalyst for the students to envision a future where diversity, economic strength, technological prowess, and inclusive leadership propel India to new heights in the maritime domain.

Prof Umesh Rai, Vice Chancellor University of Jammu, who was also present on the occasion, expressed his gratitude to the Naval authorities for arranging an exclusive visit to the base. Prof. Rai spoke about the College on wheels initiative of the University of Jammu and Higher Education Council Government of Jammu and Kashmir and how this initiative will help the students in their experiential learning outside their classrooms.

Further, Prof Rai said that this programme will immensely help the students in their assigned projects. Such tours outside classrooms provide students with inspiring experience, knowledge and fosters deep understanding on a variety of subjects, he added.

The Vice Chancellor got feedback from the students on their ongoing journey to various parts of the country thus far and wished them a purposeful academic journey filled with extensive knowledge about the milestones registered by the country in different fields. He hoped that such an odyssey will instill a sense of confidence among them to meet the challenges of a competitive world with courage and fortitude.

The Naval Base also organized a lavish lunch for the contingent, fostering a sense of camaraderie and hospitality.

Following their enriching visit to the Naval Base, the College on Wheels contingent delved into the intricate workings of naval operations at INS Makar. The exploration included a comprehensive tour of the submarines, shiplift facility and naval dockyard, offering students valuable insights into the pivotal roles these components play in the maritime domain.

Students witnessed firsthand the technology and expertise involved in the seamless lifting and servicing of ships.

The visit extended to the naval dockyard, where students were immersed in the dynamic environment of naval operations. They received detailed insights into the strategic planning, maintenance, and logistical aspects that contribute to the operational readiness of the naval fleet.

Throughout the exploration, students interacted with naval personnel, fostering a direct exchange of knowledge. This hands-on experience allowed them to comprehend the multifaceted roles these facilities play in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of naval operations.

The visit was coordinated by Dr Guneet Sudan, Nodal Officer-III, College on Wheels.

The contingent comprises 780 students along with their mentors and the administrative staff from the University of Jammu, University of Kashmir, Cluster University of Jammu, Cluster University of Kashmir, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Katra, Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Rajouri, Islamic University of Science and Technology, Kashmir, affiliated colleges of JU and KU, Delhi University and Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC), New Delhi.

The "Gyanodaya Express- College on Wheels", was flagged off by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Railway Station, Katra in Jammu and Kashmir on November 19 with the hope that this train journey will strengthen transdisciplinary education and provide the students with opportunity for experiential learning.

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