IIT Jammu Breakthrough: Green Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicle Unveiled by Dr. B. Satya Sekhar's Research Group

JAMMU: In a groundbreaking achievement, Dr. B. Satya Sekhar's research group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Jammu has successfully showcased a green hydrogen-based fuel cell-powered vehicle, supported by the institute.

The meticulous integration process spanned over two years, resulting in a vehicle that operates seamlessly without adverse environmental effects. The vehicle incorporates a hydrogen-based Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell, a hydrogen storage tank, and a DC-DC converter, collectively forming an innovative and eco-friendly transportation solution.

One of the remarkable features of this development is the substantial reduction in charging time. The team has successfully brought down the charging time from an initial eight hours to a mere five minutes, enhancing the efficiency and practicality of the E-vehicle.

Hydrogen-based energy holds the promise of a closed and pollution-free chemical cycle for energy infrastructure. The PEM fuel cell, in particular, initiates the process with hydrogen and oxygen, producing water, which is then reversed to extract hydrogen and oxygen. This stands in stark contrast to traditional gasoline-fueled engines that emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's announcement of the National Hydrogen Mission aligns with such sustainable energy initiatives, positioning India as a hub for the production and export of green hydrogen. This mission aims to foster self-reliance and energy independence for the nation.

In response to this national vision, Dr. B. Satya Sekhar's hydrogen research group has not only developed a hydrogen generation facility utilizing an electrolyzer powered by solar energy but also customized a DC-DC converter and designed a hydrogen refueling system. The ongoing work includes the development of a medium-pressure hydrogen compressor, further contributing to advancements in green hydrogen technology.

Dr. B. Satya Sekhar reflects on the continuous nature of scientific inquiry, stating, "Scientific ideas lead to ongoing research. There's always room for improvement and things that can be modified and added to improve it, and it's a great learning tool for us." This accomplishment showcases IIT Jammu's commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and innovation in the realm of sustainable energy solutions.



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