10th Free Medical Camp held at Suzna Palmar -Kishtwar

920 patients examined with provision of free Lab tests, ultrasound screening: Specially -abled persons assessed for UDID card

KISHTWAR: The Health Department Kishtwar, in collaboration with the District Administration today conducted the 10th free medical camp at Suzna Palmar as part of the pioneering initiative "Doctors Apke Gaon Mai."

The initiative is aimed at providing comprehensive medical screening services to people in remote villages of the District.

The initiative commenced on July 12, 2023, from Nowapachi Marwah and was organized today at Palmar.

In Palmar, the camp was held at NTPHC Suzna where 920 patients were examined with the provision of free Lab tests and ultrasound screening, while persons with disabilities were examined for UDID card issuance.

Specialists, including a gynecologist, physician, surgeon, pediatrician, ophthalmologist, dental surgeon and ophthalmic specialist, conducted these examinations.

The three-month-long "Doctor Apke Gaon Mai" initiative is designed to address the healthcare needs of underserved communities in the region, with a focus on remote areas that often lack access to adequate medical resources.

Recognizing the urgent requirement for accessible healthcare services in far-flung arei, the "Doctor Apke Gaon Mai '' initiative deploys a team of skilled and experienced doctors to remote villages in District Kishtwar. The primary objective of this initiative was to bridge the healthcare gap between urban and rural areas, with a particular emphasis on reaching the most vulnerable populations who face limited access to medical resources.

Meanwhile, the people of Palmar expressed their gratitude to Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar; Dr. Devansh Yadav, Dr. M.Y. Mir, CMO Kishtwar and Dr. Sat Lal Manhas, BMO Kishtwar for extending the services.

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