District Level Committee approves 78 loan cases under HADP in Rajouri

RAJOURI: In a proactive and forward-looking move, the District Level Committee granted approval to 78 cases sanctioned by the CIO under the transformative "Holistic Agriculture Development Programme" (HADP).

The District Level Committee chaired by Deputy Commission Vkas Kundal, in a unanimous decision, extended its approval to all 78 cases, reflecting the committee's unwavering commitment to enhance agricultural practices and foster prosperity among the farming community.

The cases span 33 cases under Apiculture, 19 cases dedicated to the Promotion of Vegetables and Exotic Vegetables through open and Hitech Protected Cultivation, 7 cases centered on Farm Mechanization & Automation, 9 cases focusing on the Promotion of Mushroom Cultivation, and 10 cases dedicated to RainFed Area Development.

Chief Agriculture Officer Rajouri, in a comprehensive presentation, elucidated the intricate details of the "HADP" scheme and its far-reaching benefits for the local farming community. The potential of the scheme to revolutionize agricultural practices and elevate the livelihoods of farmers was a central theme of the discussion.

The meeting was attended by the DFO Rajouri, Arshdeep Singh; ACR, Imran Rashid Kataria; ACP, Sheraz Chowhan; General Manager of DIC Rajouri, Ashwini Sharma; Chief Horticulture Officer, Madan Lal; Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, District Sheep Husbandry Officer, District Sericulture Officer, Assistant Director of Fisheries, Bodh Raj; Area Marketing Officer from Horticulture Planning & Marketing, Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Society, Adnan Rather; Lead District Manager of J&K Bank, Sanjeev Bhasin; District Development Manager of NABARD, and a Senior Scientist from KVK Rajouri.

This collaborative effort under the leadership of District Development Commissioner Vikas Kundal underscores the collective commitment to foster sustainable agricultural practices and drive holistic development in the district. It reflects a shared vision for an agriculturally prosperous and resilient future for Rajouri and its hardworking farming community.

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