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JU organises Gender Sensitization Workshop

JAMMU: The Centre for Women's Studies, in collaboration with Department of Economics, University of Jammu organized 13th workshop under the ongoing series for the students and scholars of the Department of Economics on Thursday, 1st December 2022.

Dr. Bindu Sangra, Faculty, The Law School, University of Jammu was the resource person.

The program began with the welcome address by Prof. Vishav Raksha, Director, Centre for Women's Studies, who spoke about the relevance of Gender sensitization workshop for the students and scholars.

She talked about how the society has put the men and women in an imbalanced position wherein, the work of the men is seen relevant and rational as compared to the women.

Sometime even if the women are in the leading positions or the sole breadwinner of the family, she is compared and complemented as the man of the family.

Further Prof. Raksha mentioned that by conducting such workshop we are fighting for an egalitarian society where everyone should get an equal opportunity, and it is not about reversal of gender roles rather acknowledging the difference which would lead to equality in every sphere.

Dr. Bindu Sangra, the key resource person for the workshop, spoke about Gender justice. Through her presentation she explained about the law and governance and how through these legal mechanisms law and order is maintained in the society. She gave reference of Global Gender Gap to show how every year despite various provisions women are still not sensitized about their basic rights enshrined in our Constitution.

While interacting with the participants she gave details about the special provisions and initiatives exclusively made for the women to safe guard their rights like Domestic Violence Act, Equal Remuneration Act, Right to Dignity and Decency, Right to get free legal aid, the Zero FIR. She advised the students especially female students to speak for themselves and awared about their basic rights.

Faculty members, large number of Students and Research Scholars of the department very keenly participated in the workshop and raised many queries which were answered to their satisfaction.

The workshop was conducted and coordinated by Dr. Saranjit Kaur, Faculty, Centre for Women's Studies and the formal vote of thanks presented by Dr. Shallu Sehgal, Faculty, Department of Economics.

The office staff of the Department of Economics looked after the digital modalities of the workshop.

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