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IIM Jammu hosts session on interactive session on 'How to be Productive'

JAMMU: Anandam, The Happiness Center of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Jammu organized an interactive workshop on "How to be Productive" today at Canal Road Campus.

The session was conducted by Ritvik Mahajan, Holistic well-being coach, Healthcare Business Consultant and Akshita. The session was well attended by the faculty, officers, staff, and students of IIM Jammu. The session commenced with the introduction by Dr. Mahima Raina, Chairperson, Anandam, IIM Jammu.

It was followed by a welcome address by Prof Jabir Ali, Dean of Academics, IIM Jammu who welcomed Ritvik Mahajan and Akshita to IIM Jammu.

In his address, he asked the students to engage themselves productively, sleep on time, spoke on the different ways to be productive, do some good work, work out regularly in the gym for staying fit and healthy, various techniques for productivity enhancement, having food on time without being in hurry will pave the way for increased productivity, output and success in their individual lives.

This was followed by some real-time sessions such as storytelling and some interactive mind games for engaging the students. He urged the students to think beyond, imagine the immense possibilities, be result oriented and pen down their thoughts by finding time for introspection and themselves. He asked the students to make pen and paper their best friend for life.

During his address, he also did a real-time activity where he asked the students to pen down their personal, academic, professional, and self-introspection goals. In all the activities, he undertook as part of the session, make the students understand the need to be more relaxed, to be joyful, practice the art of writing, being effortless in whatever you do leading to better productivity. His address also stressed the basic importance of being active listeners.

Akshita began her session with a series of interactive activities and did a meditation activity with the faculty, officers, staff members, and students at the Institute. The activity was enjoyed and liked by everyone present for the session.

The vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Eshika Agarwal, Co-Chairperson, Anandam, IIM Jammu. Present on the occasion were Rajat Jain, Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer, IIM Jammu.

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