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Rs 100 for not crying, shouting, fighting: 6-year-old's timetable 'agreement' with dad goes viral

One six-year-old boy recently signed an agreement with his father for "his daily schedule and performance-linked bonus."

Twitter user @Batla_G posted a picture of a handwritten agreement he signed with his six-year-old son Abir on Twitter. The agreement detailed the little boy's daily schedule - from getting up in the morning to playtime and even drinking his milk.

Hilariously, the little boy asked for 10 minutes of wake-up time after the alarm buzzes. There are slots for everything from meals and play to drinking milk and doing homework.
If the boy manages to complete the daily tasks, his dad would reward him with money.

The father agreed to give Rs 10 if the boy manages to carry on with his day with "no crying, no shouting or grumbling." The boy will get Rs 100 if he goes one whole week without crying, shouting or fighting.

In another tweet, the dad explained, "Lunch time is included in the school time from 9 AM to 2 PM. Milk time is with TV so a 20 min episode is included. Breakfast, Lunch, Milk and Dinner is with TV only. 10 min wake time is for "Papa, just 10 more minutes please" negotiation in the morning."

The dad added that he had "tried the point system and star chart earlier" but it didn't work. "He started crying because he wanted the Star without being a good boy," the dad said.

Here's how netizens reacted to the timetable agreement:

"Every 6 year old: Who knew my time table could make me money."

"Need contract & suggestions for managing Phone & twitter usage for a 21 yr old kid. Suggestions welcome."

"Where's the nothing time?? Just sit and do nothing. That's the most important thing of the day."

"Sorry to say but your 6yo gonna have extreme anxiety issues in future."

"Nice try, but won't sustain for even 1 week, by the end of the week new contract will be signed citing all these as null and void and with only naughtiness/game time."

What do you think about the agreement?


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