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Indian consulate officer screams at visa applicant in US, viral video sparks outrage

NEW DELHI: The video of an Indian Embassy official misbehaving with a woman applying for an urgent visa has gone viral, with many criticising the man for his boorish behaviour. In the video, the concerned officer is heard shouting at the applicant while refusing to give her a visa or explain why it was being rejected. Netizens have been tagging senior bureaucrats and ministers, requesting them to take action.

Talk show host and actor Simi Garewal posted the clip on Twitter, dubbing the officer's behaviour as "obnoxious" as he is seen pointing a finger at the woman and refusing to pay any heed to what she is saying. The woman visited the consulate in New York to get a visa a day after her father's death.

Earlier, another Twitter user, Rakesh Krishnan Simha, had posted the video and criticised the officer for his "disgusting" attitude, writing: "Who does he think he is. He's a govt SERVANT hired to serve Indians not screw Indians"

Although the video reached a wider audience after Garewal posted it, the Indian Embassy in the USA had already taken cognizance of the matter and replied to Simha's post.

A statement posted on the official Twitter account of the Consulate General of India, New York, said that the incident was personally reviewed by the Consulate General. They also added that the staff's rude behaviour doesn't reflect "either its norms or its guidelines of public functioning" and disciplinary actions has been taken against the concerned officer.

While some stressed that this is not an isolated incident and they have been subjected to such rude behaviour in the past, others also shared their good experiences at Indian embassies in foreign country.

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