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IkkJutt asks Govt to take nation into confidence about Poonch situation

JAMMU: IkkJutt Jammu has appealed the Government of India to take the entire nation into confidence about the situation in the Mendhar-Surankot area of sensitive Poonch sector.

"We have waited in vain for the Union Home Minister to apprise the nation about the situation in Poonch while he was in J&K. It is sad he has dealt the issue as if it were a minor terrorist pin prick," said Ankur Sharma, President of IkkJutt Jammu, while addressing a press conference, here on Wednesday.

He said that the happenings in Poonch cannot be taken lightly as security forces have suffered heavy casualties while its 17th day into operations and still nobody knows what type of security challenges exist in the area.

He said the area is 10 to 15 kms away from LoC inside the Indian territory meaning whatever the number of people who have intruded inside are conducting a Fidayeen Operation. Is it a Fidayeen foothold inside the Indian territory? Let the Govt also clarify if the terrorists are foreign or local. Every second day we are assured that the operation will be over in a few days but the fact that it has entered into its 17th day raises many questions. The Govt is apparently trying to treat an issue involving national security through political manoeuvres," he said, adding that it appears as if a strategically critical area of dense Nar Khas forests at Bata Dhurian continues to be in possession of foreign terrorist intruders.

Pointing out that Poonch city is just 35-40 kms from the area while 120 Brigade Headquarters are just 5-8 kms, Ankur said that continued presence of enemy intruders in this area has the potential of endangering strategically crucial roads namely Bhimbar Gali Road, Dera Ki Gali Road, Krishna Ghati Road & Mughal Road. The dangers to Poonch city in such a situation cannot be underestimated, he explained and expressed concern about the challenges to the security and survival of minorities namely Hindus and Sikhs in the Poonch area.

In the press conference, Ankur Sharma was accompanied by Ashwani Sharma, Harish Kapoor, Vikram Sharma, Ajay Singh, Manik Jamwal, Virender Abrol, Mukesh Gupta, Ajay Sharma and Rajinder Singh Jaiswal.



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