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MV International School celebrates World Earth Day

JAMMU: Students and staff of MV International School celebrated 22nd April as the World Earth Day virtually.

This is special celebration was held online and it carried a clear message from students of classes 4th to 8th that it is not just a day to celebrate, but it is a mission for all of us to spread the message to humanity about the need of saving our lovely planet Earth.

Students made beautiful paintings and informative posters to spread their message loud and clear. Even when they were all locked at their homes, the spirit of celebration was too high. Students of class 8th shared their video messages to aware people to do their maximum, to make this planet, green again.

This day and in fact every day we need to remember that our earth is the only planet where life exists; water, air and all-important resources are available, but the trouble is that we are using these resources so fast that the earth may not be able to give us food, air and water for long time.

Finally, children took a pledge not to waste water, food, electricity; to save trees; to plant more trees; to reuse waste material; to stop polluting the Earth; to aware our elders not to use harmful chemicals.


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