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American singer, actress Mary Millben recites Sanskrit shlokas to greet Indians on New Year

WASHINGTON: Popular American singer and actress Mary Millben has greeted the Indian communities across the globe, particularly in India and the US, on the occasion of New Year by reciting Sanskrit shlokas.

According to the Hindu calendar, Indians ushered in New Year on Tuesday with various states celebrating the festivals of Ugadi, Gudi Padwa and Vaisakhi.

In the video, Millben started with the chanting of Sanskrit shlokas followed by a greeting to India and Indian communities worldwide.

"Happy New Year to my beloved India, the Indian-American community, and Indian communities across the world," Millben, 39, said after releasing the New Year greetings video.

"After performing for Diwali 2020 last year, I wanted to learn more about the traditional festivals and religious observances in India. My relationship with the Indian culture and love for India has grown through my learning and study of Hindi," she said.

Millben in a video in November last year had released a rendition of ''Om Jai Jagdish Hare'' as her Diwali greetings to the Indian communities worldwide. Her video gained instant popularity and has crossed 1 million views.

She thanked her Hindi coach and teacher of Indian culture Dr Moxraj.

"It has been enlightening to continue learning about the importance of Diwali, Holi, and especially today's celebration. A celebration of the new year on the Hindu calendar and the entrance of spring," she said.

"During today's chanting, I lifted prayers for India, communities across the world, and I will continue to pray for your safety," she said.

"May the Almighty bring healing to our homes and our planet. I hope today, as you are gathered in your homes, you are blessed with the new spirit of the new year. May time with family, reflection, your favourite foods, and the energy of a new year bring you much joy and happiness," she added.

Dr. Moxraj, Teacher of Indian culture in the US, said that Millben is a student of his Hindi language class.

"Mary is also learning about India through Hindi. She is influenced by the great culture of India. I am happy to know her passion and love for India," Moxraj said.

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