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PM Modi suggests single voters' list for all polls, reiterates need for 'one nation, one election'

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday suggested a single voters' list for Lok Sabha, Assembly and local polls and reiterated the need for "one nation, one election" in the country.

"One nation, one election isn't just a matter of debate, this is the need for India. Elections are held at different places every few months, the effect it has on development work is known to all. This issue needs to be studied and presiding officers can be guiding force for it," the Prime Minister said.

Addressing the All India Presiding Officers Conference here, via video conferencing, he said that separate voters' lists are a "waste" of resources.

"Whether is it elections of Lok Sabha, Assembly to panchayat, we should have a single voters' list. Today there are separate lists for different elections. Why are we spending on it and wasting time? Today there is no need for separate lists," the Prime Minister said.
He said that the language of laws should be simple so that a common man can understand them.

"Our Constitution has many features but a special feature is the importance of duties. Gandhi ji was very keen on it. He saw a close link between rights and duties. He felt that once we perform our duties, rights will automatically be safeguarded," he said.

The Prime Minister also suggested that there should be a system in which the process of repealing the old laws continues automatically.

"Laws that have lost their importance over time, the process of removing them should also become easier. Over the years, hundreds of such laws have been removed. Like the constitution, can we not make such a system in which the process of repealing the old laws continue automatically?" he asked.


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