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Apex Body asks Gupkar Declaration leaders to keep hands off from Ladakh

LEH: The leaders of Apex Body of Ladakh has warned the Gupkar Declaration signatories to keep their hands off from Ladakh and not interfere in the affairs of Himalayan region.

The warning was given by former MP from Ladakh, Thupstan Chhewang while talking to the media persons in Leh along with other veteran leaders of the UT. Chhewang said that people of Ladakh are not in favour of restoration of Articles 370 and 35-A and the decision taken by Union Government led by Narendra Modi in this regard is in benefit of the people of this hilly UT. He said that Apex Body, however, is for the Constitutional guarantees to be given to Ladakh region under 6th Schedule of Indian Constitution which is in the interest of the people of both Leh and Kargil districts.

Chhewang alleged that some Kashmiri leaders are trying to instigate a section of the people in Kargil district against the 6th Schedule and this way they are trying to divide the communities of the Ladakh UT. He said however the people of Kargil will see through the game-plan of these leaders and support the Apex Body demanding the Constitutional Guarantees for the people of Ladakh region under 6th Schedule which is in benefit of the people of Leh as well as Kargil districts, he added.

Chhewang said that the Apex Body leaders will be visiting Kargil soon in this regard to solicit the support of the socio-religious and political groups for the demand. He asked people of Kargil not to get misled by the Kashmiri leaders regarding 6th Schedule. He said restoration of Articles 370 and 35 -A as demanded by some Kashmir leaders through Gupkar Declaration is not in favour of people now especially that of Kargil.

He expressed the hope that Home Minister, Amit Shah will keep his word and call the leaders of Apex body to Delhi as promised by him within 15 days and discuss the implementation of 6th Schedule with them. He said this time the delegation will comprise of leaders from Kargil also.

On the LAHDC Leh election results, he congratulated the people of Leh for peaceful conduct of elections and said that they have kept an example for entire nation to follow as the elections to LAHDC Leh were held in a peaceful manner. He also expressed his satisfaction over the victory of BJP in the elections which got majority of seats saying that the Apex Body was also in favour of BJP's victory as the party was ruling at Delhi and after getting majority in LAHDC Leh the development in the district will flourish.

He said the electorate showed their utmost maturity while casting vote. Besides giving majority to BJP, they also gave a good number of seats to Congress for a healthy opposition.

The former MP expressed the hope that soon after the constitution of new LAHDC, Leh it will pass a unanimous resolution in support of the demand of 6th Schedule as demanded by the Apex Body.

Chhewang was flanked by veteran leaders including former MP (RS) Skyabje Thiksay Khanpo Rinpoche and former J&K Minister, Chering Dorje Lakrook.



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