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US man rapes newborn daughter, searches on Google for help as infant lies dying

NEY WORK: A father in Pennsylvania, United States, who was caring for his 10-month-old daughter, raped the newborn and left her dying as he searched on Google on what to do if a baby stops breathing and also talking to friends on social media.

According to a report in The Daily Mail, the man has been charged for rape of a child, sexual assault, endangering a child among other crimes by the local authorities on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old man was caring for his daughter in Pennsylvania on Saturday when he assaulted the infant and left her bleeding from the injuries. As she stopped responding and breathing, he started searching on Google "if baby stop breathing", "What if you don't hear baby heart or beat" among other things.

However, he still didn't call the hospital or emergency services for help. Police have seized his phone to further look at his activity at the time of the incident. It has been found that apart from searching on Google, the man was also talking to two women on social media where he didn't mention the condition of his daughter.

Later as the emergency services were called in for help, they failed to revive the baby as by then she had passed away. Searching the apartment, police found the infant's blood-soaked diaper.

An autopsy has confirmed the assault on the baby girl in which she suffered grave injuries on her private parts and also blunt injuries on the head.

The man had joint custody of the infant with her mother. The woman has now vouched to make her the accused father pay for the crime that has claimed the life of her 10-month-old infant.



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