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JSS organises awareness webinar

JAMMU: Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu conducted a webinar to provide a panoramic view on awareness related to Covid-19, preventions, measures and management in association with Amandeep Group of Hospitals.

The webinar was conducted in the benign presence of Dr Amandeep (Senior Medical Officer, Amandeep group of hospitals) and was hosted by Rohini Aima; Principal cum vice-Chairperson of the school.

Dr Amandeep highlighted the paradigm shift that has resulted because of Covid-19 pandemic. He discussed multitudinal measures which should be considered to avoid Covid-19 pandemic.

Apart from this he accentuated on management that in addition to taking precautions one should know how to manage or deal with this Pandemic.

The webinar was attended by faculty, students and parents of Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu. It was an interactive session in which many relevant questions were answered by Dr Amandeeep and myths related to Pandemic were cleared as well.

The webinar was relinquished with the words of Rohini Aima, Principal Cum Vice-Chairperson who asserted that if we follow the directives issued by Government in context to Covid-19 pandemic, we can lead a safe and fruitful life which is majorly missing these days.

She also added optimism plays a crucial role in the time of stress and fear so we should take care of hygiene and healthy diet so as to fight back.


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