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Military Hospital Jammu organises Webinars on 'Alleviating Stress in COVID-19 times'

JAMMU: The COVID-19 pandemic is unparalleled in recent history. Military Hospital Jammu has done an exceptional work looking after COVID patients. Corona Warriors of Military Hospital Jammu have worked day and night risking their own health in taking care of COVID patients as well as all emergencies.

COVID-19 has generated significant anxiety and unprecedented stress levels in individuals and families due to a lack in clarity. Adding fuel to fire has been the misinformation, sensationalization and major changes in travel, schooling and life-style has led to anxiety, desperation, depression and panic-attacks.

MH Jammu team has been putting in dedicated efforts to alleviate the anxiety by reaching out to its clientele and addressing the families of soldiers through a series of webinars on mental and emotional health.

Lt Col Neelam Rathi, an eminent psychiatrist deliberated on topics ‘Positive Mental Health', ‘No Health without Mental Health' and ‘Mental Health Matters'. She focused on overcoming negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, panic attacks and provided practical tips to take better care of ourselves and build resilience in these difficult times.

Shambhavi a renowned psychologist interacted with the families on ‘Emotional well-being and parenting during COVID times'. Pregnant ladies have not been able to visit hospital as per schedule causing unprecedented worry.

Col Binay Mitra, of Gynecology department conducted webinar on ‘Ante-Natal Care and High-Risk signs'.

Poonam Mitra, an acclaimed dentist spoke on ‘Dental Hygiene and Good Dental Practices'.

Young children of the staff of MH Jammu were encouraged to make pencil sketches, drawings and paintings while the ladies were encouraged to make designer masks as part of a competition. The response has been very encouraging. The art-work has subsequently been displayed at prominent places in Military Hospital.

These webinars and other activities have been were well received and appreciated by all.


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