AOI at ASCOMS Jammu offers Tele-consultation to cancer patients

JAMMU: Management of American Oncology Institute at ASCOMS announces tele - consultation through a dedicated mobile number 8899002322 of all the departments i.e., Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology & Nuclear Medicine.

This facility will be available on all weekdays from 10 AM till 5 PM.

The same number can be used for sharing the reports, hospitalization documents & other investigations through WhatsApp.

Those patients who are currently under treatment or recently underwent treatment for Cancer, be it chemotherapy, or radiation therapy are the most fragile patients due to poor/ low immunity.

They should take extra precautions & care and should avoid travelling or outside exposure.

Patient has to either call the given number or send a SMS or Whatsapp Request to schedule the Telephonic consultation.

Our hospital will arrange the call back to the patient and our Consultants will give them advises depending upon the condition of the patients.

Only those patients who needs medical intervention will be called to the hospital, rest patients will be advised to take medications at their homes itself.

AOI also assured that it is continuing to provide the Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy & PET CT Scan to the cancer patients on case to case basis as these are life saving treatments.

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