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Pigeon that can’t fly and puppy that can’t walk are best friends

NEW DELHI: A pigeon that can't fly has struck an unusual bond with a puppy that can't walk.

Herman the pigeon, who has suffered neurological damage a year ago, met Lundy, a chihuahua puppy, at the Mia Foundation in Rochester, New York. And the two of them have been inseparable since then.

The foundation is a non-profit organisation that rescues and rehabilitates animals with birth defects and deformities. According to a CNN report, though most of the animals rescued are sent to foster homes around the US, some of them are retained for various anti-bullying school programmes.

Herman, who is reportedly one of the oldest residents, was rescued a year ago from near a car dealership parking lot. He was reportedly on the pavement for almost three days before the rescuers figured that the bird couldn't fly.


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